26520 Cactus Avenue, Moreno Valley, CA 92555
Hospital and Appointment Lines: 951-486-4000


Volunteer Services Department – (951) 486-5520

Location: First Floor
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Volunteer application with two letters of recommendation on professional letterhead, must be returned to Volunteer Services during regular office hours.

Volunteer Application and Personal History Statement

volunteersThe Volunteer Services Program at RCRMC is a vital part of the healthcare team, adding a special touch that is important to the healing process.  Volunteers provide a wide range of services including working with patients, hospital staff and the public in both patient and non-patient areas.  The extra services provided by the volunteers contribute to the comfort, care and well-being of both patients and guests.

Our program is open to anyone from adults to teens, in a variety of areas.  Each volunteer selected is oriented and trained in an area that is most appropriate for that individual; unique talents and desires are taken into consideration when making assignments.  Through dedication and service, volunteers enrich the lives of patients, staff and guests.  Their services also touch those outside the hospital by participating in health fairs and community events.

The Student Volunteer Services Program offers young people the opportunity to work in a variety of areas, which is especially interesting for those that may have a future in a health care career.  High school students 16 years or older, are welcomed in this program.

Membership in the Volunteer Services Program requires a commitment to active and dependable service and fulfillment of the following:

  1. Loyalty to the Volunteer Services Program and Riverside County Regional Medical Center
  2. Strict observance of safety, fire, and infection control policies
  3. Completion of orientation/training courses and health requirements as required in area of assignment
  4. Completion of a minimum of 100 hours or 6 months of service (whichever comes first).

There are many opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the quality of care at RCRMC.  Most volunteers have a regular schedule, although some are available “on call” or for special short-term projects.

Volunteers serve in nearly every area of the hospital, including but not limited to:

(Note: *These areas require department manager approval prior to placement.)

The benefits of volunteering at RCRMC

  1. Satisfaction of helping others
  2. Develop new interests
  3. Use your existing skills and experience
  4. Learn new skills
  5. Explore career options
  6. Promote personal growth
  7. Community Service for school credit
  8. Build rewarding friendships
  9. Serving your community