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Medical Records Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1. How can I get a copy of my medical records?

A: a. If the records are for your doctor who is located in the RCRMC building, you need to complete the Authorization for RCRMC to Send records.  You can fax the completed request to (951) 486-5075.

b. If the records are for an insurance company, attorney, etc., you need to complete the Authorization they provide you.  They will work with you to determine which dates and records they need to review on your behalf.

c. If the records are for yourself, you need to complete the Authorization to Access Their Medical Record.  Copying charges are 25 cents per page or 50 cents per page in on microfilm.  Your records will be available in approximately five to seven working days.  Patients who are seen in acute mental health will have their physician contacted for approval of the release of records.

Q: 2. I am taking care of the patient’s affairs. How can I get a copy of his/her records?

A: a. If you have Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions you can attach a copy of it to a completed authorization. The process will be the same as above.

b. If you are the parent of a child less than 18 years old, you must complete the proper authorization mentioned above. If your son or daughter is 18 years old or older, they must complete the authorization.

Q: 3. Will you fax my medical records?

A: We mail medical record copies. If the patient is at the doctor’s office or in an emergency room, we will stat fax records with a valid authorization.

Q: 4. How long do you keep the medical records?

A: We are currently keeping them for 30 years.

Q: 5. How do I get a copy of the itemized bill or x-ray films?

A: If you want your records and itemized bill and/or x-ray films, include that in the description of what records you want. We will pass on the request to the proper department.

If you do not want your medical records but want:

Itemized bill only
contact Patient Accounts at (951) 486-5360

X-Ray films only
contact Diagnostic Imaging at (951) 486-4100

Q: 6. What is your fax number?

A: (951) 486-5075

Q: 7. What is your address?

A: RCRMC Medical Records
26520 Cactus Ave
Moreno Valley, CA  92555

Q: 8. During what hours may I come to your office?

A: Monday through Friday, except county holidays
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

If you are unable to come in during that time, you may leave your paperwork in our drop-box located on the wall across from our public window. Remember to leave your day-time phone number so that we may contact you with any questions.

Q: 9. During what hours do you answer phone requests?

A: Monday through Friday, except county holidays
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
(951) 486-5040

Q: 10. I have questions about my baby’s birth certificate. Can you help me?

A: Please contact the birth registrar at (951) 486-4045.

Q: 11. I am with a mortuary and need information for a death certificate.

A: Call Medical Records (951) 486-5028 and they will provide you with the name of the person who can answer your questions.

Q: 12. I am a copy service or process server and want to know when I can come by.

A: Monday through Friday, except county holidays
8:00 am – 4:00 pm